Daily Specials - Tuesday November 21st, 2017

 Quiche of the Day

  • Green Kale, Feta Cheese, & Arugula

    Soups of the Day

    • Creamy Corn
    • Vegan Veggie Lentil

      Salad Special

      • Date Salad - Romaine, radicchio, fried chickpeas, dates, & blue cheese, tossed with red wine vinaigrette

       Sandwich Special 

      • Chicken Pesto Sandwich - Grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, pesto mayonnaise, pickled Fresno chili, pickled red onion, roasted bell pepper, on grilled sourdough bread
      • Chicken Salad Toast - Green Goddess chicken salad toast on grilled sourdough with sliced avocado & arugula tossed in meyer lemon vinaigrette


              Deli Case Salads (Served Monday - Friday)

            • Oven Roasted Vegetables
            • Hummus
            • Kale Salad
            • Tuscan Kale
            • Kale Caesar
            • Quinoa Salad
            • Roasted Squash Farro
            • Curry Chicken Salad
            • Spicy Chicken Bowtie
            • Tuna Salad
            • Avocado Corn 

                *We proudly serve Mary's Organic Chicken

                *Due to a scratch kitchen, no substitutions please